Andrea Erickson
Andrea Erickson is a life-long writer, poet and researcher who began 
writing as a child. She successfully completed her Bachelor of Arts degree 
in English, was Editor-in-chief for College arts journal and poetry 
contributor, completed her MBA, worked as a writer and writing manager for four companies and has written multiple articles and newsletters for 
corporate publications.

During the last several years, Andrea has initiated several blog series, 
including '
Adventures in Canning, etc. ', ' Life and Art - Why a blog ', ' Life 
in Verse
', ' My MS Memories ' , ' Historic Neighborhood Ramblings ', initiated 
her first freelance writing business. She's provided pro bono blog writing 
services to Elder care business in Central Massachusetts, and has 
established writing/editing contract services for several local technology 

Andrea continues to write on a regular basis, and is currently researching 
and writing her first historical novel, "A Stitch in Time", and will be 
publishing a poetry series of books based on over 40 years of her 

So if you find yourself too busy to focus on writing, or if you're 
struggling to find the words, let Andrea do it for you, here at ewriteplace.

To learn more about how ewriteplace can help you, email Andrea at aerickson@ewriteplace.com .
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