Everyone has a special gift – some people can paint, some people can draw, 
some people can build, some people can sing. I can write. I can tell 
stories. I can research. These are skills that have existed in my family 
for generations – I was the one to be gifted these talents in my generation.

With over three decades of combined experience in writing, editing, 
blogging and research, I provide excellent ghostwriting memoirs and poems
that you will treasure. I'm happy to to share my expertise in putting 
together your personal memoirs, thoughts and feelings into a specific 
story or poem with passion and inspiration. I deliver a personalized 
service that caters to the needs of clients.

A story can bring the past, the present, and the future to life. But, most 
people are never able to share their story with others. Not because they 
don't want to, but because they may not have the words or interest to write their story, or express their own experiences in life.

I do have the words, or I can find the words when they are needed, giving 
every person their own unique legacy. Let your stories live! Give everyone 
a tale from your life that's worth repeating.

I've been writing and telling stories for over 30 years. Let me help you 
tell your story and let your story live again!